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Byron Richards (Adrock) 


As a multi-instrumentalist and singer from a young age, Richards brings serious chops to bear during Brass Monkeys performances. Byron has toured and recorded with several groups across many genres, and his day job is production management on an Animal Planet show. When he was growing up, his mother would not let him listen to the Beastie Boys for a few years, but she is now one of the Brass Monkey’s biggest fans. 

Chase Baldwin (MCA)


There is little doubt that Chase was born with the gravely yet charming voice of MCA. He is the son of guitar player Andy Baldwin (RAIL), and the two are partners in operating Wellington Studios in Woodinville, WA. Chase is the primary studio engineer at Wellington, and he has recorded dozens of EPs and LPs in addition to serving as a session bass player across many genres. His first Seattle Science Center laser show was the Beastie Boys, and he has been a die hard fan of the group ever since. 

Sean Jones (Mike D)


Performing with choirs growing up and transitioning to rock bands in high school, Jones has never been far from the stage. He was recently featured in Grace Love’s musical Sex, Drugs, Rock, and Soul and has released albums with four Seattle based bands. Jones also manages the Brass Monkeys and previously managed national touring act Down North and the City of Woodinville’s Summer Concert Series in 2014. Sean’s older brother listened to Licensed to Ill a ton during their childhood and Brass Monkey was by far his favorite song. 

Bruce Weitz (Drums)


Weitz is a long time drum teacher and performer, and his most notable work is with the rock band Vayden. The group was signed by Silent Majority Group and toured the United States three times as support for Tantric, Candlebox, and Drowning Pool. The band’s five European tours established a sizeable following in Germany where they have twice headlined the Dithmarscher Rock Festival. Since relocating to Seattle from Los Angeles, Bruce has gigged and recorded with several bands while also becoming a huge Beastie Boys fan.

Matt Boyer (Guitar, DJ)


Boyer began performing rock music with a close knit group of friends at age 15 which culminated in the group joining a national MTV sponsored tour under the name Flood The Void. Outside of performing with bands, Matt writes and records music for film and television, and DJs large events. He won a 107.7 The End re-mix competition in which the prize was meeting Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). Boyer’s first Beastie Boys album was Ill Communication. He purchased it from Wal-Mart at age ten, and he was F&$I#@ pissed to discover it was a profanity-free copy. 

Art Vandelay (Bass) 


Art is a huge Seinfeld fan and decent bass guitar player. He gets by through varied gig economy work like driving Uber and teaching surfing lessons.

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